Productivity commission inquiry into gambling

Productivity commission inquiry into gambling casinos whitefish montana

The arguments for retaining the exclusive right by the TABs to provide off-course retail wagering products are not compelling.

While precision is impossible, various state surveys suggest that the number of Australians categorised as 'problem gamblers' ranges aroundwith people categorised as at 'moderate risk' ranging around There nito be a progressive move over the next six years to full 'pre-commitment' systems that allow prkductivity to set binding limits on their losses. Search site and publications Search. The Government publicly released the report on 23 June In the interim, a partial system with non-binding limits would still yield benefits, and provide lessons for implementing full pre-commitment.

The final report of the public inquiry into the economic and social impacts of the gambling industries. hereby request that the Productivity Commission undertake an inquiry into. Australia's gambling industries and report within 12 months of the date of. AGC Welcomes Response to Productivity Commission Inquiry into Gambling. Printer-friendly version · PDF version. The Australasian.

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